alinda gary, md




Board Certified Psychiatrist


6750 West LOOP S

Suite 725

bellaire TX  77401



Phone:  832-778-0200

background information and clinical experience:

Residency:  Adult Psychiatry - Menninger Department of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine

Medical School:  NYU School of Medicine

Undergraduate:  BS in Medical Informatics at the University of Miami

Previous Positions:


Team Leader & Attending Psychiatrist- The Menninger Clinic (Professionals in Crisis Unit)


Psychiatrist for Jewish Family Services 


Psychiatric Consultant/ Liaison at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

Current Positions:

Voluntary Faculty Menninger Department of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine

Candidate 4th year Houston Galvestion Psychoanalytic Institute 


1) medication management for all mental health conditions of adults and late adolescents including but not limited to depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, etc.

  1. 2)professional evaluation services / second opinions

  2. 3)psychotherapy

  3. 4)psychoanalysis

  4. 5)web-based video psychotherapy and medication management within the state of TX (for already-established patients only)

  5. 6)psychoeducation

  6. 7)family and couples therapy

Many people visit psychiatrists when they are stuck.  People get stuck all the time and they get stuck for a reason.  And as each of us are more than just a simple medical diagnosis, it is often necessary for each individual to participate in psychotherapy to uncover the reasons they became stuck in the first place.  I am interested in the person more than just the diagnosis.  Sometimes, the answer may seem obvious.  But why this time?  Why now?  We all have our individual buttons or triggers that cause us to become sad or anxious.  When these buttons are pushed, we utilize the coping mechanisms we have been using for years. 

At times, our coping mechanisms are flawed and can be looked at as a bad habit, be it social isolation, gossiping, drugs, alcohol, binge eating, skin picking, finger nail biting, anger outbursts, threats - the list goes on and on!  If we could stop doing these things we would have done it already!

When needed, the treatment may be supplemented with medication. 

But medications alone cannot change your situation.

I strongly believe in the power of psychotherapy and the need to treat all people as individuals with their own unique sets of struggles. 


My professional services: